DHEC Director Submits Resignation

Resigning June 10th for Health Reasons

Matthew Causey
May 27, 2020 - 7:38 pm
DHEC Director Rick Toomey announced his resignation

DHEC Meeting Livestream Screenshot


The director of the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, Rick Toomer, announced his resignation after a DHEC meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The board received and accepted his letter of resignation during that earlier meeting, and the resignation will officially take place on June 10th.

“DHEC is in a good place right now,” Toomey said. He thanked DHEC officials, the Governor, and others for their support during his time as director.

He served as the DHEC director for the past fifteen months and received praise from the Governor for his work during that time.

Recent health concerns was noted as a reason for his decision to resign. Toomey had taken a leave of absence for medical reasons in March for two weeks.

The birth of his first grandchild is also a reason he gave for the resignation decision.

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