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Stacie Bartro
March 24, 2020 - 1:41 pm
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An update and reminder from the Greenville County School System.  Students with Chromebooks still need to log in to download work assignments.

If Wi-Fi is not available at home, Chromebooks can be taken to the parking lot of a school to log in.

If internet access is not possible, parents please contact your students school for assistance.

Students can speak with their Teacher for help if they are not online.

Tim Waller, GCS's Director of Media Relations provided the following guidelines:

Greenville County Schools is committed to helping students connect to the internet in the event the statewide school closure is extended.

We are also committed to helping families troubleshoot any difficulties they may have when it comes to downloading assignments.

Therefore, we would appreciate you sharing the following information:

Students with Chromebooks only need Wi-Fi for a few minutes every two weeks to download assignments or turn in completed work

- Actual work in Google Classroom can take place offline once lessons have been downloaded

- Students can go to any GCS building and use Wi-Fi from the parking lot (close to school) from 7-7 each day. They do not have to go the “their” school.

- Students can go to any GCS bus delivery feeding site between 10-noon Mon-Fri to use Wi-Fi (and pick up food)

- Students can call teachers for help if they are not online.  Anyone needing their teacher’s phone number can call 355-3100 and say “Service Center” to speak with a representative.  The Service Center can also help parents find the nearest site for free meals and Wi-Fi.

- To minimize the chance for contamination, we are asking Pre-K through-2 parents to download and print future materials at home if possible.   Those K-2nd graders who cannot access teacher websites and download materials at home can pick up packets. 

- All students grade 3-12 are expected to access internet at least once in the next two week period.  If that is not possible, parents should contact the school for assistance.

We are thankful to those who helped make our first week of eLearning a great success. Together, we will get through this!

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