Drive to Defend the Blue Event

Greenville Citizens Come Out to Support Law Enforcment

Matthew Causey
August 01, 2020 - 4:51 pm
Drive to Defend the Blue Event

Greenville County TEA Party


Saturday was the first annual Drive to Defend the Blue event, started by Greenville County TEA Party chairman Pressley Stutts in support of law enforcement.

“I was watching the news, and I was just so disheartened watching all of the destruction, the rioting, the arson, just the chaos and the mayhem that’s going on in a lot of cities across America,” Stutts said.

He said he didn’t think these examples on the media were indicative of what everyone around the country felt.

“We’ve got a lot of good law enforcement people here in Greenville County and the Upstate, and I wanted to do something positive,” Stutts said.

From this came the idea for the Drive to Defend the Blue event, which was planned in just about two weeks between its inception and when it took place on Saturday, August 1st.

Several hundred people came out to the event to drive in a parade that circled through downtown in support of local law enforcement.

The event also raised $3,000 that was donated to the Greenville County Law Enforcement Foundation.

Sheriff Hobart Lewis, Police Chief H.A. Thompson, and several South Carolina state representatives all came out to attend the event and thank the attendees for their support of Greenville County law enforcement.

Stutts said this event is currently planned to continue as an annual event held by the Greenville County TEA Party.

“I think we just need to show law enforcement – we don’t show them enough appreciation for what they do,” Stutts said. “So this idea came out of my frustration of watching all the negative news. I said, you know what, let’s don’t do this just this year; but let’s do it every year.”

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