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Prestigious SHIELD Award

Stacie Bartro
September 13, 2019 - 8:45 am

City of Greenville - GPD


Press Release from the City of Greenville Honoring Detective Brad Lusk:

(GREENVILLE)- At a ceremony luncheon at the Poinsett Club yesterday, Greenville Crime Stoppers presented GPD Detective Brad Lusk with the prestigious 2019 SHIELD Achievement Award, which is given to a law enforcement officer for a distinguished body of work throughout a career.

SHIELD, which is an acronym for Service, Honor, Integrity, Excellence, Loyalty, Dedication, recognizes one officer in Greenville County for his/her work, leadership, the betterment of him/herself, and long-term service to the community beyond the role of law enforcement. Each year, the Greenville community honors the memory of fallen GPD Officer Russ Sorrow and other area officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Greenville County.

Lusk, an 18-year veteran, was nominated by his peers for his dedication and commitment to victims of violent crime and presented the award in front of 150 fellow law enforcement officers of varying Upstate agencies, the FBI, and Homeland Security.

With ten years of experience in the Investigations Division, Lusk is the most-senior Violent Crimes Investigator. He is the “go-to guy” when major crimes occur because of his incredible ability to perform well with often little time to prepare and few second chances at the truth. Evidence collection, interviews, and searches require investigators to be well-trained, intuitive, and knowledgeable about their meticulous work.

Though Lusk has many instances of exceptional investigative work during his career, two separate death cases occurring in 2017 within days of one another stand out.

The first investigation was on October 2017 identifying a deceased adult male and his attacker.

The second investigation occurred on December 6, 2017 when Lusk identified a man’s murderer from a shoeprint he matched with the killer’s shoes for a homicide on Garraux Street.

These are just two of numerous examples that illustrate Lusk’s high-quality work as an investigator and member of the community.

Greenville Police Officer Nikki Morton was also recognized at the ceremony as she earned an honorable mention for the Russ Sorrow Award, which recognizes officers who have performed admirably and paid the ultimate price in the line of duty.

Morton was seriously injured while responding to an incident in December of 2018.

City of Greenville

City of Greenville

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