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Simpsonville PD Adds Traffic Safety Officer

Stacie Bartro
October 21, 2019 - 10:26 am

City of Simpsonville


The Simpsonville Police Department has been granted a mighty fine tool to help reduce traffic collisions in the area... MONEY! 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded Simpsonville Police Department   $121,703 to be used to further enforce traffic laws in collision prone areas to help cut down on injuries and fatalities. 

The money allows Simpsonville additional man power. Officer Jordan Carson has been selected for the job for his knowledge in traffic laws and accident reconstruction. 

The grant will fund his salary and most of the positions expenses. 

This grant is the fourth of its kind Simpsonville PD has received.

City of Simpsonville

Official Press Release from the City of Simpsonville:

Simpsonville, S.C. — The Simpsonville Police Department was awarded this month a Police Traffic Services Grant in the amount of $121,703 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The one-year grant funds an officer position assigned to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities on area roadways.

The officer will be tasked with enforcement of traffic laws in high-traffic and high-frequency collision areas.

Chief Mike Hanshaw said the grant gives the Simpsonville Police Department one more tool in roadway safety.

“Our number one goal in traffic safety at the Simpsonville Police Department is making sure that motorists make it from point A to point B safely,” Chief Hanshaw said.

“The grant provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration equips the Simpsonville Police Department with additional resources in keeping motorists safe.”

Administered by the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs, the grant, which is the fourth of its kind Simpsonville PD has received, now provides the city with an additional officer dedicated to traffic safety.

Ofc. Jordan Carson has been selected for the position for his specific knowledge in traffic laws, enhanced enforcement of impaired drivers and traffic collision reconstruction.

The grant will fund salary (excluding leave time) and most of the position’s expenses.

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