Greenville Man's Yard Protest Display

Display depicts dolls in a cage

Emily Gill
August 26, 2019 - 8:22 am

Emily Gill


Toby Hunter's yard has beautiful plants, shrubbery, and trees.  It also has a display that could be referred to as a yard protest. 

The bottom of a deer stand acts as a cage holding dolls from Goodwill inside it.  Flanking the cage are wooden signs: a frowny face and one word: inhumane.  

​"I'm not against immigration laws in any way shape or form.  We have to have it.   I spent three years with the Army in El Paso so I'm a little familiar with that, but I just think the treatment of these children and the malice that has caused it is not warranted and is not something the United States can be proud of.  I didn't wear the uniform for that kind of thing," Hunter said.

Hunter encourages others to voice their opinions as well, providing they can withstand criticism that may come.  More than that, Hunter encourages people to vote.  

"The main thing  I can tell people is regardless of how you feel about it register and vote.  It's the American way," Hunter said.

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