Greer Attempted Thefts

FB Comment Identifies Suspect

Stacie Bartro
September 18, 2019 - 10:06 am

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Greer police get their man,  because he just couldn't help himself with a Facebook comment...​

Two attempted robberies occurred on September 11th in Greer.  The first at a McDonalds on Hammett Bridge Road.

The second later that evening at a Bank of America ATM on West Poinsett Street. 

Surveillance video captured images of the suspect and Greer Police posted shots on their Facebook page requesting the publics help in identifying him. 

 Interestingly enough, Greer PD learned the suspect follows their FB page,  because he commented on the post.  Which resulted in them making a positive identification. 

Joe David Brannon was arrested Tuesday without incident and interviewed by Detectives.  He confessed to both incidents and is currently being held at the Greer PD's detention facility.


Greer Police Department

Greer Police Department

Greer Police Department

Official Release Information from Greer Police Dept. below:

The Greer Police Department has made an arrest for two attempted robberies that occurred on Thursday, September 11, 2019.

The first attempted robbery occurred at McDonalds, located at 103 Hammett Bridge Road in Greer,  when an unknown subject came to the drive-thru window and handed the cashier a note that told her to give him all the money in the register and that he had a shotgun. The cashier ran to a manager and the subject drove off.

Later that evening officers were dispatched to a second attempted robbery that occurred at an ATM located at the Bank of America on West Poinsett Street.

The victim at this location was attempting to use the ATM when he was approached by a male suspect who stated to him “Hey Buddy I’m gonna need all your money”.

The victim then drove away to get away from the suspect. No one was injured during these incidents.

Detectives with our agency were able to identify the subject of these two incidents as, Joe David Brannon, and obtained arrest warrants for his arrest yesterday.

Brannon was arrested this afternoon without incident and is currently being held in the Greer Police Department’s detention facility.

The Greer Police Department made a Facebook post shortly after the first incident at McDonald’s to seek the public’s help in identifying a possible suspect.

Interestingly the subject himself commented on our post which helped us in making a positive identification of him from surveillance photos captured during the incidents.

Brannon was interviewed by our detectives after his arrest and he confessed to both incidents.

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