Greer Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Cards and well-wishes from around the nation

Emily Gill
August 23, 2019 - 12:39 pm

Emily Gill


Sophie Glover, born on August 18th of 1919 in Northbridge, Massachusetts, celebrated her 100th birthday over the weekend.

She had two parties with family and friends from across the country.  She received dozens of cards, even from people she hadn't met, and got a letter from the Mayor of Greer.  Flowers and balloons took over her room.

"The room was full of balloons, all three corners.  We had to puncture them and let them go," Glover chuckled.

Sophie was glad to celebrate with loved ones.

"I just feel like I have all I ask for and I thank God for it all.  I have some friends here that are just so dear to me as if [they are] my own family," Glover said.

A highlight of one of her parties was a song from her son.  He sang and planed the accordion to a favorite song, My Melody of Love.

Emily Gill

A big Happy 100th Birthday to Sophie Glover from all of us here at 106.3 WORD!

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