Phase 3 Begins This Month

Stacie Bartro
December 04, 2019 - 11:58 am

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Phase two of GVL2040 wrapped up in November.  

The GVL2040 is a citywide conversation about where the city will go in the next 20 years. 

Phase 2 recently wrapped up and focused on transportation, affordable housing and the environment. 

Project consultants will begin Phase 3 this month. 

When the committee reconvenes it will focus on the development and testing of future scenarios.

Community input is still welcome for the phase 2 survey, just click here to add input.

Click here to read more about GVL2040.

Official update from the City of Greenville:

 The second phase of GVL2040, which focused on relevant trends and conditions, concluded in November with an open house event at East North Street Academy.

The open house featured findings related to GVL2040’s three emerging priorities – transportation and congestion, affordable housing and the environment – and asked participants to identify long-term outcomes that were most important to them. 

The GVL2040 steering committee met the night before the open house to engage in a similar process of identifying preferred outcomes.

The committee also reviewed the latest drafts of the plan’s core values and planning principles and was tasked with testing the values and principles in relation to major ongoing projects. 

The committee will reconvene in December with the project consultants to begin the third phase, which will involve the development and testing of future scenarios.

You may still participate in the second comprehensive plan survey, online at https://publicinput.com/GVL2040-Survey2.

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