Manatee Rescue

Saved in Charleston

Evan Smith
December 10, 2018 - 4:53 pm

A team of experts from Sea World, SC Department of Natural Resources and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission rescued a manatee from the Cooper River last week. The manatee was showing distress in the cooler water near Charleston.

Andy Garrett from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said they often work together with other states to help stranded manatees find their way back to warmer waters.

“We’re on the front line, in some ways,” Garrett said “We have field stations around Florida to identity and respond to reports of distressed manatees, and partnering with sea world to rescue them is a natural partnership to come up here, bring our expertise up.”

Garett said additional crews help with transports and releases on the backend.

The male manatee was taken to the Jacksonville Zoo for treatment before he's released into warmer waters in Florida.

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