Mayor Knox White Discusses Weekend Protests

And Recent COVID Numbers on Bob McClain Show

Matthew Causey
June 03, 2020 - 6:31 pm
Mayor Knox White

Emily Gill


Mayor Knox White joined Bob McClain Wednesday afternoon to discuss the success of the protests in Greenville over the weekend compared to many other cities across the nation. They also discussed the recent uptick in COVID numbers in Greenville County.

The Mayor said the success of the protests over the weekend were due in large part to strong communication between government and law enforcement with the protest organizers.

Mayor White continued that organizers staying late after the events were over to help clear out people who stayed or came very late was also a huge part of the success.

He said that many other protests around the nation turned more violent only after the original organizers left at the end of the planned protest times.

Many of the organizers of the Greenville protests stayed several hours past the end of the planned events to help keep things calm while sending people home from the long-since ended protests.

The mayor also discussed the recent uptick in reported COVID numbers in the county and addressed the reasons behind and concerns surrounding those increased numbers.

Mayor White’s main point was that the increased numbers are a bit concerning not unexpected or especially alarming. He said that much of the new cases likely come from people relaxing on precautions at times they shouldn’t be.

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