McMaster Holds Press Conference

In Response to Protests Around the Nation

Matthew Causey
May 31, 2020 - 2:25 pm
Protesters in Indianapolis May 30, 2020

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Governor McMaster held a press conference Sunday afternoon in response to protests that have occurred across the nation following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Floyd died following the physical handling of his person by officers, and footage later surfaced that added to outcry from protesters around the nation.

Protests have also emerged around South Carolina in both Greenville and Columbia.

At the press conference, McMaster announced that law enforcement, including the SC national guard, was on standby to respond should any protests become violent.

“We welcome conversation. We welcome protests. We welcome people speaking their mind, exercising their constitutional right in this country of freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, peaceably assemble, and express their concerns,” McMaster said. “But also, we do not tolerate lawlessness and violence, and the destruction of property and harm to our people.”

McMaster and several others that spoke at the press conference commended those who have been protesting peacefully and have asked that emotion not lead to these peaceful protests leading to looting, destruction, and violence.

“If we are in fact going to make significant progress as a nation and as a state, we cannot have distractions, especially fueled by violence,” said Senator Tim Scott. “Please conduct ourselves in the most non-violent ways. Protest, be heard, be seen. But be orderly.”

NAACP SC State Conference President Brenda Murphy also spoke about the importance of the youth in this conversation.

She encouraged people to listen to what young people have to say and encouraged young people to speak up and make their voices heard.

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