McMaster Signs Absentee Voting Bill

Meant to Help All South Carolinians Vote During the Pandemic

Matthew Causey
September 16, 2020 - 5:15 pm
Governor McMaster Signs the Bill

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Governor McMaster Thursday afternoon ceremonially signed a COVID-19 Absentee Voting Bill into law.

The bill is meant to allow South Carolinians to vote absentee without an excuse in the November election and came about because of the in-person voting risks during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was passed almost unanimously in the House Tuesday and was signed into law by the governor at a ceremony Wednesday afternoon.

“I want to thank the individuals on my left, the House members, who put partisan politics aside and put the citizens of South Carolina first and their right to vote,” said South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas. “But I think that shows what the House and the Senate can do when it works together.”

That was SC House Speaker Jay Lucas, who among others, congratulated SC legislators on their bipartisan efforts in passing this bill.

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