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Lottery Rebate checks out by Dec. 2nd

Stacie Bartro
November 19, 2019 - 9:57 am

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Still waiting for your State Lottery Rebate check to arrive in the mail?  It's coming, well, if you qualify for the $50 refund.  

According to the South Carolina Department of Revenue website, the $50 bucks is coming your way because of the 20-18 Mega Millions winner. 

Remember, that ticket was worth $1.5 Billion and was sold in Simpsonville. It generated $61 million in tax dollars... so a portion of that is coming back to us.

Officials say about half a million lottery rebate checks still need to be sent, and should be mailed to qualifying taxpayers by December 2nd.

So, who qualifies? Those that filed 20-18 taxes before October 15th this year and  have a tax liability of at least $50 after credits. 

Click the SCDOR link above to see if you qualify.

Married couples who filed jointly, expect one $50 dollar rebate check in the mailbox.

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