Fountain Inn High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

Planned to Open for 2020-2021 School Year

Matthew Causey
November 05, 2019 - 7:07 pm
Maureen Tiller Groundbreaking

The sound of construction surrounded the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Fountain Inn High School Tuesday morning. This will be the first new public high school built in Greenville County in several decades.

Greenville County School board members, superintendent W. Burke Royster and Maureen Tiller, who will be the first principal of the new high school, all grabbed a hardhat and a shovel to commemorate the building of the new school.

Royster said one of the goals for the new high school was "to provide a unique academic opportunity that we really don't have in other schools."

This comes in the form of opportunities for students to take college level courses and have access to an automation and engineering program that would allow them to gain experience in these fields. Royster and Tiller compared these programs to the offerings at career centers.

Royster said he hopes students will graduate with both college credit as well as industry certification on top of their high school diplomas, and Tiller said she wants the school to be "a model for innovation in South Carolina."

The school is also meant to help alleviate some of the load on Mauldin and Hillcrest High caused by the growth of Greenville County. Both schools currently have over 2000 students enrolled each.

The school is planned to open for its first class of ninth grade students for the 2021-2022 school year and will draw students from the southeastern parts of the county.

Tiller has been working in the Laurens County school district for the past 20 years. She has principaled at elementary, middle and high school levels. The last eight years, she has been the principal at Clinton High School.

"When this position came open and was posted in December, it was just too intriguing," Tiller said. "It had the opportunity to apply all the things that I've learned in being a principal."

Tiller said a major priority for her as the principal is to ensure the success of the future students as they go through the school's curriculum.

As the school is being built, Tiller said she is working to build the connections with Greenville Technical College, faculty and local professionals that will allow college level classes and help the automation and engineering programs meet their goals for the school's future students.

She is also working with the future first ninth grade class of the school to do the "fun stuff" such as picking the school's colors and deciding on the school maskot.

"They'll be the first graduating class, so designing the maskot and colors, being able write the alma-matta, being able to look at all of those traditions that are set in every other high school," Tiller said. "They get to build that as they come up."

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