What Do People Think of Falls Park?

The Iconic Park in Downtown Greenville

Matthew Causey
November 19, 2019 - 3:45 pm

Falls Park is an iconic location for the city of Greenville, often shown off in advertising to tourists. It’s become a popular location for both residents and tourists to visit every day.

Go there on a sunny day and you’re bound to find families playing together, people relaxing and eating during their lunch breaks, and others working out by running and biking along the pathways.

“Beautiful,” is the word Reggie Tarrance thought best described the park.

“It’s peaceful. There’s a lot of people. You can come here, sit down, enjoy nature,” Tarrance said. “It’s an escape from the normal city life.”

Others also commented on the “beauty” and “serenity” of the park, including Carlen Lephart and her husband, who works in a building next to the park and spends many of his lunches there.

Tennessee Richards commutes to Greenville from Clemson every day and said that he looks forward to his lunches in the park and that they help make the drive worth it.

Several people also said, however, that they are not big fans of the construction that is always going on next to the park.

Meredith Aim, a Greenville resident, said she’s also love to see more activities that happen regularly in the park, such as the different plays that occur during the summer.

The park runs along the reedy river in downtown Greenville and is surrounded by several office buildings and restaurants.

Coming in through the main entrance, one of the first things that you will see is Liberty Bridge, which is also one of the most recognizable parts of the park itself.

“I was on the phone with a customer today,” Lephart said. “There was this bridge right here, he’s been across it, that was kind of; that was the symbol of this park.”

Aside from the bridge, the waterfall it overlooks, which the park is named for, is also one of the most recognizable landmarks within the part.

“I think it’s all centered around the waterfall,” Richards said.

Others also thought the waterfall was one of the most significant icons of the park.

“When I think about this park, I think of the waterfall,” said Summer Jung, who is from out of town.

Falls Park wasn’t always the staple of Greenville, however. In fact, it’s only been around for about fifteen years.

Originally, a highway ran over the Reedy River in Greenville. In the 90s, citizens petitioned for the highway to be removed as the river was being restored from the years of pollution from waste dumping.

In 2002, the highway bridge was removed and Falls Park was created around the river and the waterfall that the park was named for.

As part of the park, Liberty Bridge, the iconic pedestrian suspension bridge, was also built to overlook the waterfall.

The park opened with these two notable icons in 2003. It has expanded since then, and businesses and restaurants have opened along the edge of the park as the city and park have grown.

Today, the park encompasses about 32 acres of land along the Reedy River.

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