Pelosi Protest Reveals Flimsy Impeachment Prospects

Trump's numbers have only gone up

Evan Smith
October 07, 2019 - 5:32 pm

SABRINA SCHAEFFER/Staff, The Greenville News via Imagn Content Services, LLC


The protestors lined the road alongside the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Friday in downtown Greenville, holding signs and chanting, waving American flags, and making their voices more than heard.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” many shouted.

“Impeach Pelosi!” others chanted in return.

The crowds, which had been scheduled to arrive around 5:30 pm on Friday in the lead-up to Pelosi’s schedule 7:30 pm arrival, showed up even earlier than expected. A heavy police presence was on the scene as well, although the protestors remained peaceful – certainly not quiet, however. Even disregarding the chanting crowds, passing motorists honked or leaned out of windows to voice their support for the protestors.

Ultimately, Pelosi’s speech inside the hotel went off as planned, but the protestors did accomplish one major goal of the assemblage: they cast a stark light on just how flimsy any impeachment proceedings would be if given the opportunity to move forward.

President Trump himself has since announced that he would not be cooperating with any impeachment “inquiry,” instead stating that he would only do so if the Democrats actually took a vote and made it legitimate.

One man who showed up at the downtown protest against Nancy Pelosi, Bruce Ink, said it only made sense that the president stood firm against the inquiry, calling it nothing more than a show. 

“I’m tired of them going after Trump all the time,” he said. “If they worked with him and tried to help him, think of the things this country could do. But they’re all fighting him. How is he supposed to do anything when he’s got Congress fighting with him all the time? Why should Trump cooperate? It’s all a show.”

As of Monday, Democrats have begun casting up concerns of their own over the entire impeachment effort, with some Democratic analysts calling it a “high risk strategy.” If that strategy backfires, they noted, the effort could make Trump’s bid for the White House in 2020 even stronger.

A recent Hill-Harris poll released on October 2 only affirmed those concerns, as Trump is now showing his highest job approval rating in his presidency (49 percent approval), as well as his lowest disapproval rating (51 percent).

“The nationwide survey was conducted on September 28 and 29,” the poll conductors note, “less than a week after House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry.”

As The Hill makes clear on the results of the poll, impeachment needs to show “an immediate impact, peeling nonpartisans and independents away from him [Trump] – and potentially even part of his base. This poll does not show that.”

The final result of the poll is simple and stark for Democrats: “Trump is increasing his base," the pollsters conclude.

The pollsters stated in clear terms that the more likely impact of any kind of impeachment proceedings is a retread of the impact on former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment process, which actually boosted his numbers and his popularity as a whole.

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