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3rd Annual Week-Long Stripes Fundraising Event

Matthew Causey
July 14, 2020 - 4:13 pm
Ronald McDonald House 3rd Annual Stripes Event Ambassadors

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This week is the third annual week-long Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas Stripes event.

Individuals and businesses throughout the community have volunteered as ambassadors to help raise money for the organization.

“At the Ronald McDonald House, we provide a home away from home for families who have a child that’s facing a medical crisis due to an illness or injury,” said Event and Social Media Coordinator Elizabeth Stoffelen. “So we just provide programs to make sure that they are able to stay close together as a family and near the resources that they need for their child to make sure that they are able to recover smoothly.”

This is the third annual Stripes event put on by the nonprofit organization. The goal is to raise a sum of money through fundraising to help support operations.

Their goal this year is $30,000 between Sunday, July 12th and Friday, July 17th.

Stoffelen said the event is a “peer to peer fundraiser” and that they currently have sixteen ambassadors wearing the “iconic Ronald McDonald stripes and socks” that are helping with the efforts by sharing the organizations message.

“So this week, for six days, we’re covering Greenville with red and white stripes and trying to raise $30,000 for our families,” Stoffelen said.

One of the event ambassadors helping to raise these funds is Jackie Hagood, whose been volunteering with the organization for the past decade and has been a part of both of the past stripes events.

“So I teamed with a girl by the name of Nickie Williams, and we are teaming together to raise $2,000 this time,” Hagood said. “Usually, I do a fundraiser, but this year we teamed up because of COVID-19. There’s not a whole lot – we have to get very creative.”

She also said she was very confident that the duo would meet their goal before the end of the event on Friday.

Hagood has been volunteering with the organization for the past ten years, after some family went through the organization.

She said she loved what the organization was doing and enjoys seeing the smiles from the families she gets to help.

“When you’re dropping off snacks or food or items that they’re in need of, to see – for them to know that they’re not in this alone and that there are people out there that care,” Hagood said was her favorite thing about her volunteer work. “It’s just, it’s heartwarming to see that, even in the smallest part, you’re making a difference in another person’s life.”

Stoffelen said the money that’s raised this week will go to the organization’s current COVID relief fund to help families during the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Each year, we pick something that we need to fund for the house. And so this year, obviously, with COVID, we have decided to help the families that are staying with us and make sure that they are receiving the care,” Stoffelen said. “Cause they’re still having to manage their own personal medical crisis for their child. So we are just making sure that they’re able to stay with us during this time.”

Because of the coronavirus, several of the organization’s other fundraising events had to be cancelled or altered, so Stoffelen said this fundraiser has been more specifically focused on this COVID relief fund.

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