Sanders Rally in Spartanburg

Ahead of SC Dem. Primary

Emily Gill
February 27, 2020 - 7:27 pm
Screens at Bernie Rally

Emily Gill


Bernie Sanders held a rally in Spartanburg on Wofford Campus at the Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium on Thursday night.

Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium
Emily Gill

Many lined up more than two hours ahead of the event, and almost 2,000 people were in attendance.

One attendee was hoping to get a better understanding of Bernie and his campagin.  

"(I wanted to) see if he's really eligible for being president.  It's different when you meet someone in person; its a lot different than seeing them behind a screen.  You feel more of their energy.  It'll be easier to understand what he wants for all of us," they said.

Dog Waits at Bernie Rally
Emily Gill

"I heard most of what he has to say from the debates and so on, but I wanted to see him person because seeing someone in person, you get a better feel for them.  That's why I'm here," said one local man.

Several families brought their children along.  

One man remembered his father taking him to political events when he was a child; now he is doing the same with his children. 

"I think its important for them to see the excitement that people feel around the campaign... We try to teach our kids, my wife and I, about the importance of social movements and people working together from the grassroots," he said.

Crowd at Bernie Rally
Emily Gill

One 18 year-old woman said she is very excited to vote for the first time.

"(I'm excited) for the experience.  I'm 18, and I can finally have a say in the upcoming (elections).  My opinion can be heard," she said.

Sign at Sanders Rally
Emily Gill

The South Carolina Democratic Primary will be held on February 29th.

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