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Lee Rogers
March 16, 2020 - 9:08 am
Greenville County School District to continue to provide school meals during COVID-19 shutdown

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In a statement released Sunday by the Greenville County School District, to ensure the students continue to receive healthy and nutritious meals during the time schools are closed in response to COVID-19, Greenville County Schools will be providing breakfasts and lunches free of charge to anyone 18 and younger at 15 District locations Monday through Friday.

This program will begin today, Monday March 16th.

The following sites will be providing meals during the school closures, PLEASE SEE BELOW:

According to Tim Waller, Director of Media Relations with Greenville County Schools, meals have been provided with the early implementation of the Summer Feeding Program:


Breakfast will be served beginning at 8 a.m. each morning and lunch will be served beginning at 11:00 a.m. each morning at each location.

All meals will be served in the school's car drop off line.

Meals will be provided each week day through March 31st.  

Below is a press release from GCS on Monday March 16th.

Greenville County Schools has been granted permission to provide two meals at one time (lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast), which eliminates the need for multiple pick up times each day. GCS is also being allowed to use buses to deliver meals to various locations in addition to the 15 school sites we are currently utilizing.  As a result, beginning THURSDAY, we will start handing out meals from 10 a.m. – noon, and will give everyone 18 years of age and younger (and special needs adults up to age 21) a free lunch plus breakfast for the next day. Per USDA regulations, children must be present to receive the meals. Shown below are the additional sites that will utilize buses for delivery. 


Original list of school sites providing meals during the school closures:

·         TR High School

·         Berea ES

·         AJ Whittenberg ES

·         Welcome, ES

·         Grove ES

·         Sue Cleveland ES

·         Sterling School

·         Blue Ridge MS

·         Wade Hampton HS

·         JL Mann High School

·         Mauldin HS

·         Hillcrest HS

·         Eastside HS

·         Greer HS

Newly-added list of bus delivery sites


Berea/Alexander/Grove/Hollis/Tanglewood White Horse Road Area

6300 White Horse Road

2700 Blue Ridge Dr. (Westside Park)

301 Woodside Ave. (Woodside Baptist Church)

529 Farrs Bridge Road (Berea First Baptist Church)

200 Saluda Dam Road (Truth Missionary Baptist)

Intersection of Berea Forest Circle/Melody Lane

925 N. Franklin Road (Northwest Crescent CDC)

200 Alice Ave. (Freetown Community Center)

W. Faris Road (Kmart Plaza)

1500 Piedmont Highway (Lakeside Park)

2718 Old Anderson Road (MaxWay)

710 S. Fairfield Rd. (Mt. Pleasant Community Center)

7616 Augusta Rd. (Ingles)

113 Minus Str. (Sterling Community Center)

400 Rainbow Dr. (Agnew Baptist)

Intersection of Peace St./Sirrine St.

Intersection of Sumter St./Palmetto Ave.

1223 Grove Road (Grove Road Baptist)

105 Crestfield Rd. (Disciples Fellowship Baptist Church)

200 N. Washington Ave. (Washington Ave. Baptist Church)

5 New Dunham Bridge Rd. (Tanglewood Baptist Church)

200 N. Washington Ave. (Washington Ave. Baptist Church)

200 Ashe Dr. (Greenville Arms)

Intersection of Lenhardt Dr./Green Fern (near Saluda Lake Rd.)

100 Shemwood Lane (Shemwood Crossing)


Slater-Marietta Area

4025 Geer Hwy. (Sunoco @ Echo Valley)

626 Talley Bridge Rd. (Walnut Grove)

2914 Geer Hwy. (Old Hometown)


Cherrydale/Duncan Chapel/Lakeview Area

100 Crestwood Forest Dr. (Crestwood Forest Apts.)

Intersection of Marion St./Highlawn Ave.

13 2nd Ave (Poe Baptist Church)

300 Furman Hall Rd. (Boulder Creek Apts.)

Intersection of Montis Dr./Verner Dr.

157 Montague Rd. (Woodwind Apts.)

1201 Cedar Lane Rd. (Hawks Landing)


East North Street Area

112 Rebecca Ave. (Nicholtown Community Center)

47 Lamp Post Dr. Apartments (mailbox area)

Intersection of Arcadia Hills, Alde St./Adrianna St


Greer/Chandler Creek

1 Wilson Ave. (Victor United Methodist)

410 S. Main St. Greer (Southside Baptist Church)

601 W. Arlington Ave. (Greer City Stadium)


Woodmont/Sue Cleveland Area

8323 Augusta Rd. (Valley Brook Outreach)

710 S. Fairfield Rd. (Mt. Pleasant Community Center)

10  S. Piedmont Highway (Old Sue Cleveland Elementary)

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