Second Phase of CARES Act Funding

McMaster Announces Expenditure Recommendations

Matthew Causey
September 10, 2020 - 4:55 pm
Gov. Henry McMaster at Press Conference


Governor McMaster announced at a Thursday afternoon press conference his recommendations to the General Assembly for the second phase of CARES Act Funds allocation.

The largest recommendation was $450 million for the unemployment insurance trust fund, which is just shy of the amount he recommended for this fund in the first phase.

He also recommended $30 million be allocated to create $5,000 grants that small businesses who did not receive COVID relief funds previously can apply to. Additionally, $15 million was recommended for nonprofits, as they were left out of the first phase of COVID relief funding.

The final recommendation was to reimburse schools that have re-opened to 5-day-a-week in-person instruction for the costs of operating. McMaster said he wanted to make this recommendation in place of ordering all schools to fully re-open, which is out of his power to do.

Additionally, a vaccine distribution plan is in the works by DHEC for when the COVID vaccine passes testing and eventually becomes available.

Marshall Taylor, the Acting Director of DHEC, said that it is not known when the vaccine will be available. But a plan is in the works, and updates from DHEC will be shared when more information becomes available.

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