"Sew-In" Love in Simpsonville

Marietta's Quilt and Sew Earns Award

Stacie Bartro
February 18, 2020 - 8:51 am
Quilt & Sew receives Chief's Award Winner of the Year.  Photo: L-R, Simpsonville PD Lt. Timmie L. Williams, Victims Advocate Milena Banquez, Quilt & Sew co-owner Marietta Louk, Chief Mike Hanshaw, Cpt. Cheryl Manley, Lt Russ Holthaus and Mayor Shewmaker

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A small local business received a BIG honor... 

The Simpsonville Police Department named Marietta's Quilt and Sew 2019 Chiefs Award winner of the Year for donating supplies to Crime Victims. 

A Simpsonville press release shares the shop donated 200 sewn bags filled with toiletries to victim services last year. 

Staff and volunteers have already made 250 sewn bags to donate for victim services in 2020. 

Official Press Release from Simpsonville below:

Simpsonville, S.C. — Marietta’s Quilt & Sew was named the 2019 Chief’s Award Winner of the Year by the Simpsonville Police Department for donating needed supplies to crime victims.

Chief Mike Hanshaw presented a plaque to the textile shop owner Marietta Louk on Wednesday in recognition of the shop’s donation of 200 sewn bags filled with toiletries to Victim Services in 2019.

Louk said creating the care packages is one of the “most important” projects that Marietta’s Quilt & Sew takes on.

“The Simpsonville Police Department is here to protect us, and what Marietta’s Quilt & Sew wants to do is help them with their job,” Louk said.

“These care packages make the police’s job easier by helping people who use shelters with needed supplies.

I can’t imagine a woman walking out of a shelter with her kids and not having anything for the next morning.”

Simpsonville Police Department victims advocate Milena Banquez said a small knitted bag of toiletries can make a big impact on the victim receiving it.

“When you’ve been the victim of a crime, your life is turned upside down,” Banquez said.

“The goal of Victim Services is to help victims regain that sense of normalcy in their lives that we take for granted every day. The support received by Victim Services from Marietta’s Quilt & Sew is invaluable to the Simpsonville Police Department and victims.”

Marietta’s Quilt & Sew holds what Louk calls a “sew-in,” a time when community members bring their sewing machines to the shop, sit down, sew and “have a good time.”

Louk said anyone can help out by sewing, donating fabric or providing brand new unopened toiletries to fill the bags.

Louk, her staff and volunteers made 250 bags for Victim Services this year.

“If they need more, then we’ll make more,” Louk said.

To find out more, visit www.mariettasquiltandsew.com or email mqs1004@gmail.com.

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