Spartanburg Woman in Jail

After Firing On Child's Father and His Mother

Emily Gill
June 04, 2020 - 1:55 pm
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One Spartanburg woman is in jail on a $104,000 bond after reportedly firing upon her child's father and his mother on June 2nd.

​Around 11 AM on Tuesday, authorities responded to report of a disturbance with weapons.

While responding to the original call, dispatch told responding officers they received a second call about the disturbance. 

Authorities arrived at the first location and spoke with Lorri Mayes, while other officers responded to the other part of the disturbance at a nearby location.

Lorri Mayes - SPD

According to the police report, Mayes said she and her child's father, Alfonzo Jones, who does not live at Mayes' residence, had been arguing over the phone.

Jones reportedly arrived at Mayes' apartment shortly after the argument with his mother, Mary Phillips.

When Mayes was asked if any shots were fired, she originally said Jones had fired shots toward her from the roadway before leaving the premises.  

During investigation, officers found several shell casings lying next to the front door versus in the roadway; they then asked Mayes if she had any firearms.   

According to the police report, an officer read Mayes her Miranda Rights and asked if she was the one who shot a firearm and where the firearm was located. 

Mayes then said she was the one who fired the shots and the firearm was upstairs in her bedroom.

Officers located the gun and searched records to ensure neither the gun or Mayes were involved in other crimes.  

Mayes later said Jones and Phillips began arguing with her when they arrived at her apartment.

Mayes said Jones threatened to damage her vehicle while Phillips made threatening comments to her.

Mayes heard Phillips calling the police, so she went inside to call the police as well.

When she went back outside again, she saw Jones and Phillips were still in her yard.  

Mayes reports she then went back inside, got her gun, went back outside, and fired a shot at Phillips. 

They still did not leave and said they weren't scared of bullets.

The report says May then received a call back from 911 as Jones and Phillips seemed to be leaving.  

Mayes said they then stopped the car and Jones appeared to attempt to exit the vehicle; Mayes then fired another shot at him.   

Another officer who was Jones and Phillips said their stories matched what Mayes said.  

Mayes was arrested and taken to the Spartanburg County Jail. 

She is currently held on a $104,000 bond.


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