Oconee Nuclear Station

Stacie Bartro
April 01, 2020 - 10:17 am
Oconee Nuclear Station, Seneca SC

Duke Energy


The Oconee Nuclear Station has scheduled a STANDARD siren test.

TODAY, Wednesday, April 8th, a three minute siren test will sound from the Oconee Nuclear Station.  

It's scheduled to run around 11:50am.  

According to a press release from Duke Energy, 65 sirens within a 10 miles radius will sound.  No public action is required.

Local broadcasting will not be interrupted at the time of the test.  In the event it were a real emergency, local radio and televsion stations would air Emergency Alert System messages.

To find out more, visit Duke Energy's Safety and Preparedness web page.  

Oconee Nuclear Station Siren Test Fact Sheet
Duke Energy


Duke Energy Official Press Release below:

SENECA, S.C. – The outdoor warning sirens around the Oconee Nuclear Station will be tested at approximately 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday, April 8.

The 65 sirens within 10 miles of the Oconee Nuclear Station will sound for three minutes.

This test is performed in cooperation with emergency officials in Oconee and Pickens counties, who are responsible for sounding the sirens.

This information differs slightly from what is included in the 2019-20 Oconee Nuclear Emergency Preparedness booklets sent to residents living within the 10-mile Oconee Nuclear Plant emergency planning zone.

Due to siren activation system upgrades in 2020, sirens will not sound for 5-30 seconds in January, April and July, as indicated in the booklets.

Because this is a test, local broadcasting stations will not interrupt regular programming to broadcast Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages.

If there were ever a real emergency at the plant requiring the sirens to be sounded, local radio and television stations would broadcast information and instructions to the public.

For more information about the outdoor warning sirens, residents can refer to information available at




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