Teen Wiedling Knife

Body Cam Video Released

Stacie Bartro
August 26, 2019 - 9:42 am

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The Greenville County Sheriff's Office has released body cam video, showing what led to a deputy shooting a 16 year old girl July 11, 2019. 

Deputies were called to Banner Drive after the girls mother called to report her daughter was armed with a knife and threatening to hurt her.

The teen left the home and was later found by Deputies on Page Drive, still in possession of the knife, hiding behind a road closed sign and concrete barrier.

In the video, Deputies are seen and heard negotiating with the girl to come out.  After several minutes of negotiating, the teen does come out from behind the barrier, knife in hand with her arm raised.  Authorities use a taser, but that  proves ineffective.  Minutes later the teen moves forward a second time with the knife in hand, again disregarding Authority commands to drop the knife. 

One shot was fired at the teen.  The 16 year old whose name has not been released was charged with assault and battery and attempted murder on officers. 

No deputies were injured, the knife was admitted into evidence and the investigation continues.

No information at the time on the 16 year olds condition.  


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