Tom Steyer Heads to SC

Misses chance at debate stage

Evan Smith
September 12, 2019 - 4:05 pm

As most of the Democratic presidential candidates prepare for Thursday night’s debate in Houston, those who didn’t make the cut for the debate stage still took the opportunity to make their case to voters in primary cities across the country.

Here in the Palmetto State, billionaire Tom Steyer was out and about speaking with voters.

Steyer, a hedge fund manager and philanthropist, has been running a major ad push in the past few months, especially on digital markets like Hulu, Youtube, and web video hosting sites.

His push to make it to the debate stage was unsuccessful, however. But that hasn’t stopped him from heading to Columbia, South Carolina, on Thursday, to speak with potential voters.

Steyer once again called for the need to defeat Donald Trump in 2020, while adding that he remains hopeful for the future of the nation.

“Patriotism shows up in a number of different ways, in a number of different guises” Steyer told a Fox News reporter present at his meet and greet.

Steyer added that he believes his push for a community-led political change in America is his greatest asset.

“And it’s actually that willingness to sacrifice for community, to be brave, and to lead, that is distinctly American,” Steyer said, “and it shows up in so many beautiful ways.”

Thursday night’s debate will see a head-to-head contest between front-runners Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, among others.

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