Tons of Trash Collected

Spartanburg's Watershed Work Days

Stacie Bartro
October 18, 2019 - 10:56 am

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Some heavy lifting for Spartanburg Water employees....

Two days, around 100 employee volunteers and nearly 17 thousand pounds of trash. 

That's how it goes for Spartanburg Water's Watershed Work Days... time dedicated to cleaning up around their 3 drinking reservoirs which include Lakes Bowen and Blalock and Municipal Reservoir #1. 

Haley Bowers, Senior Communications Specialist said some items found include tires, mattresses, a stove.... a safe (anything in it?) and TVs. 

Spartanburg Water provides drinking water to Spartanburg County and parts of Greenville, Union and Cherokee Counties.

Official Press Release from Spartanburg Water:

Employee volunteers collect nearly 17,000 pounds of trash around drinking water reservoirs

SPARTANBURG – Over the course of Spartanburg Water’s two-day Watershed Work Days event, our teams collected a total of 16,915 pounds of trash around our three drinking water reservoirs – Lake Bowen, Lake Blalock, and Municipal Reservoir #1.

You won’t believe some of the items we found: toilets, tires, TVs, mattresses, a stove, a safe, a cattle gate – even a baby carriage!

Nearly 100 Spartanburg Water employees volunteered their time to participate in the reservoir cleanup effort – braving the rain on Wednesday and the cold on Thursday.

Their work is a true testament to how much our employees care about both water quality and community.




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