Trump Signs Economic Relief Package

What This Means for the Average Person

Matthew Causey
March 28, 2020 - 2:43 pm

Getty Images

President Donald Trump signed the largest economic relief package in recent American history on Friday, but how is this going to affect the average person?

Many people will be recieving money as part of the passed legislation.

If you file your taxes individually and make less than $75,000 a year, you will be receiving $1,200. If you file your taxes with your spouse and make less than $150,000 a year combined, you will be receiving $2,400 together.

This money is expected to be delivered to Americans in the next two to three weeks in the same way that each person receives their tax return every year.

Additionally, those who recieve unemployment benefits will be receiving an extra $600 every week to help with their expenses.

This was all done in an attempt to help stimulate the economy amidst the negative economic impact from the coronavirus.

Find more details on the bill here.

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