Upstate Road Repair

Maintenance Work Request

Stacie Bartro
February 12, 2020 - 11:00 am
Road Repair

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First, many thanks to those of the South Carolina Department of Transportation checking Upstate roadways in need of repair after the terrible storms last week.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation reports the Upstate was hit the hardest during last week’s storms...  heavy down pours, high winds, flooding, a tornado in Spartanburg... have truly wreaked havoc on the roadways.

In Greenville County, Rosebay Dr. , Neely Mill Rd. and Honeysuckle Rd., Leopard Rd., Sweetgum Valley Rd. and Cunningham Rd. received significant damage and need repair

Bob Mihalic, Governmental Affairs Coordinator with Greenville County said those repairs could include culverts, curbing and over all structure.

And then there is paving.

The County is responsible for maintaining over 1,700 miles of roads and bridges.

How much will these latest roads repairs cost?  As of right now, County officials are still working on cost estimates.

The SC DOT, responsible for the states infrastructure including roadway maintenance, safety and repair currently have these projects already in the works

If you want to let the SC Department of Transportation know about a roadway that could use their attention, simply fill out a  Maintenance Work Request form on their website.

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