Will Lewis Back In Court

Judge denies his request

Evan Smith
October 17, 2019 - 3:34 pm

Former Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis was back in court on Thursday, where he requested for the judge to exclude certain testimony from his trial, which is slated to begin next week on October 21.

The judge denied that request.

The specifics behind the request involve testimony from his former assistant, Savannah Nabors, who is accusing Lewis of sexual harassment.

Lewis’ request argued that the location of the supposed crimes was outside Greenville County, and therefore not relevant to the case.

The judge didn’t buy that argument, saying that no matter where the crimes were committed, Lewis still violated the public trust of Greenville residents.

Greenville County and the state of South Carolina already paid Nabors about $200,000 in settlement money over the alleged harassment.

Lewis has argued all of their interactions were consensual, but she alleges that he took advantage of her when she was drunk, and that he later threatened her and stalked her.

Lewis is facing a litany of other misconduct charges.

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