Women's Comedy Show Celebrates One Year

Open mic for women's comedy

Emily Gill
August 25, 2019 - 3:26 pm

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The Upstate's all women open mic comedy night celebrates its one year anniversary this week.  

The New Blood Showcase was born from a simple question: how to empower more women to get on stage in the male dominated field of comedy?  Monika Scott-Rogers, founder of the all female showcase, knows the usual open mic male to female ratios from first hand experience.

"Out of 16 people, a lot of nights one woman, which is usually me, is on stage," Scott-Rogers said.

On August 28th last year, Scott-Rogers started the monthly showcase, paying for the space out of pocket, to encourage more women to get involved with comedy in the Upstate, 

"New Blood Showcase is a place where anyone and everyone can come and enjoy a good laugh, and more importantly to empower us as women that it's ok to get on stage.  If you feel like it's just a bucket list [activity] you want to do, come on out.   If it's something you know you are passionate about, this is just one more stage that you can hit.   I've heard some women say 'I can't compete up there; I'm not that good,' but if you feel that way, this is a great place to start," Scott-Rogers said.

Scott-Rogers is excited to celebrate the one year anniversary.

"I'm hoping for a really good turnout, and I'm hoping people just come and enjoy themselves," Scott-Rogers said.

The one year anniversary showcase is at 7:30 PM on August 29th at Coffee Underground.  $5 for entry; cash only.

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