No Court Appearance for Accused Killer

In Samantha Josephson murder case

Evan Smith
April 22, 2019 - 3:17 pm

The man accused of killing South Carolina college student Samantha Josephson did not appear in court on Monday, as was scheduled, and it remains uncertain when he will appear now that his scheduled court appearance has been pushed back indefinitely.

Nathaniel Rowland, age 25, remains at the Alvin S Glenn Detention Center. He’s not been offered bond.

But present at court on Monday were people who knew Rowland, including his longtime barber, who said he could not square the accusations against Rowland with the young man he’d known well for the past five years.

Saying he never would have seen this coming in a million years for Rowland, Randell Proctor, the owner of A Gentleman’s Cut Barber Shop in Orangeburg, said he’d always saw Rowland as a kind and considerate young man.

Rowland now stands accused of murdering Samantha Josephson after she got in his car on a night out, having mistaken it for her Uber ride.

Her autopsy report revealed she had been stabbed repeatedly from her head all the way down to her feet.

No new date has been set for a court appearance for Rowland.

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