Parents Worried

After deaths of local teens

Evan Smith
February 04, 2019 - 3:21 pm

The drug-related murders of two local teens is causing parents to rethink how to communicate with their kids.

After the deaths of two teens in the past three weeks, both of whom were killed by fellow teenagers during drug transactions, parents in the upstate are looking for ways to change the culture of these kids at a younger age.

Violence and drug abuse are problems that are not unique to the area, of course. The most recent data from the CDC shows that teen death rates have risen nearly 15 percent in the last three years, mostly due to homicide, suicide and accidental drug overdoses.

Local mental health advocates stress that teens are curious by nature, and that drug use doesn’t make them bad people, nor does it negate the tragedy when these teens lose their lives.

But that doesn’t mean parents can’t find ways to influence such behavior, according to prevention services experts.

By focusing on communicating, laying out rules and consequences, showing you care, and dolling out mutual respect, parents can play a positive role in steering kids away from what is, as the past few weeks have shown us, an increasingly dangerous lifestyle.

Ultimately, the best way to steer kids away from drug use, according to outreach experts, is to enforce consequences consistently, while making sure your teen is fully aware of the rationale behind such consequences.


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