Pastor Controversy

John Gray Faces Congregation After Backlash

Evan Smith
December 17, 2018 - 3:30 pm

Pastor John Gray was feeling the love on Sunday.

After what he himself noted was a “difficult week” – a week in which Gray dealt with a controversy over his purchase of a $200,000 sports car for his wife – Gray’s congregation at Relentless Church stood by him. 

In fact, they practically showered the megachurch pastor in support.

At each mention of his wife’s Lamborghini, the crowd cheered in approval.

Gray – who has a successful book deal and a reality TV show on Oprah’s network – reiterated that he had never used church funds for personal purchases.

Though he continues to face nation-wide criticism for the purchase of the car, it would appear his congregation has not faltered in its support of him.



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