PC Santa

Some say Santa needs an update

Evan Smith
December 14, 2018 - 2:55 pm

Is it just me, or has Santa Claus gotten a little dated?  

Times have changed, and just as “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is now relegated to the trash heap, we need a Santa that accurately reflects the diverse, inclusive, gender non-binary America that we live in today.

And apparently more than a quarter of the population agrees.

According to a new poll from GraphicSprings, more than 27 percent said Santa shouldn’t be a man anymore, opting for gender neutral instead.

That’s not all: 21 percent said Santa should go on a diet (wait, is that fat shaming?), and almost a quarter of respondents said Santa should have an iPhone – I guess the rest prefer androids.

But in case the PC Santa has got your chestnuts roasting with frustration, one should point out that about 7 percent of respondents said Santa should start drinking beer instead of milk.

I myself will go with bourbon.

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