Pizza and Family

Todoro's Pizza is a downtown highlight

Evan Smith
January 14, 2019 - 3:45 pm

Chris Todoro, who runs Todoro’s Pizza over at Markley Station in Downtown Greenville, believes that working alongside his family makes for better pizza.

“I think, to me, it’s easier to be committed to something that your family is involved with,” Todoro explained.

It’s not that he wouldn’t still be dedicated and hardworking were he working alongside a non-family member. It’s just that having family around means there’s a lot less room for excuses – including the ones you tell yourself.

“If you work for someone else, and they’re asking 110 percent of you, sometimes you want to hold a little bit of that back,” he continued. “But when it’s a family business, it’s for you and for them, so you’re always giving 110 percent.”

“You’re not going to be like ‘eh, I’m not going to make that slice perfect; it’s just my nephew’s college fund that’s at stake, so who cares?’ – no, you don’t do that,” he added with a laugh.

The family-centric nature of Todoro’s makes it a unique spot in the downtown food scene. It’s also a haven for those with not-so-deep pockets. Stop in on Monday for “Cheap Pizza Night” – which, as Chris pointed out, should actually be called inexpensive pizza night, as the pizza is never cheap – for five dollars off any large pizza. Or come by on Wednesday for dollar slice night. And everyday is cheap beer day: cans of Miller High Life and PBR are just a dollar any day, any time.

“We specialize in a New York / New Jersey style pizza, which you can get by the slice or by the pie – which is something that not a lot of places do,” Chris said. “And like I said, it’s a family business. We’re totally committed, and you will notice that in the pizza.”

Todoro’s Pizza was originally founded in New Jersey. But Clemson grads will likely be family with the Todoro’s location there near campus, which has been a staple of late-night eating for the past 18 years.

The Greenville location has been open for the past two months, and Chris says so far things have been great, and that Greenville has been a welcoming new home. But fans of the Clemson location will find all the same pizza and the same good deals they came to love there.

“The only difference,” Chris admits, “is that the Greenville location is newer and prettier.”

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