Plug In S.C. Helps E.V. Drivers

Locate charging station around the state

South Carolina Radio Network
April 24, 2018 - 2:45 pm

The Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition is helping drivers of electric vehicles find charging stations in South Carolina.

The Office of Regulatory Staff Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition announced the Plug In SC campaign Tuesday in West Columbia. The goal is to encourage more people to drive electric vehicles by making it easy for them to find the 208 charging stations in South Carolina.

Maeve Mason, Senior Energy Specialist with the ORS Energy Office said the state’s infrastructure is a limiting factor for people who may be considering owning an electric vehicle.

“South Carolina has a somewhat fragmented and often hard to find electric vehicle infrastructure,” she said. “Therefore we thought to develop this campaign to unify EV stakeholders and standardize signage and pavement marking so it’s easier for folks to find, thereby increasing adoption.”

A vehicle market study commissioned by Palmetto Clean Fuels concluded people were hesitant to buy electric vehicles because of concerns about limitations due to lack of charging stations.

“Palmetto Clean Fuels hopes that this signage will encourage EV (electric vehicle) adoption, that people will see that these charging stations are here, know where they’re located,” Landon Masters, Energy Specialist with the ORS said. “A lot of EV owners, they know where these charging stations exist but those that don’t own EVs don’t know that they could buy an EV and maybe charge in the parking garage that’s right beside their work.”

“We really hope to bring awareness to the EV charging infrastructure that currently exists and hopefully try to encourage those that maybe are on the fence about whether or not to get an electric vehicle, kind of show them the possibilities, that those charging stations do exist, that they are there, they frequently aren’t being used,” Mason said.

Electric vehicle on charger at Shealy Electrical Wholesalers office in West Columbia

“It’s the chicken or the egg scenario,” said Jim Woods, Project Manager for Clean Energy Products at Shealy Electrical Wholesalers, who hosted the campaign ribbon-cutting Tuesday. “Will you get a car and worry about range anxiety and are there enough stations? Or do they get the stations out? So it’s a collaborative effort now to deploy these charging stations.”

Shealy Electrical Wholesalers was one of the first companies in the state to adopt the new standardized signage for the charging station at its office on Saxe Gotha Road in West Columbia. It will cost about $440 to standardize the signs and pavement painting for each charging station.

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