Prayer Ban Controversy

At Greenville County schools

Evan Smith
July 25, 2019 - 5:13 pm

It’s been bouncing around the courts for six years, and still the legal dispute might not be over yet.

Earlier this month US District Judge Bruce Hendricks expanded the limits on prayers led by students at Greenville County School graduations, with bans put in place on any official student-led prayer, as well as bans on anyone asking the audience to stand or bow, bans on religious music, and bans on students submitting prayers to be read during the event in any form.

Students can still choose to pray during the time allowed for student remarks, so long as they don’t ask the audience to participate, and so long as they do so without giving the school prior knowledge about their intentions to pray.

Now the school district has to decide by next month whether they want to appeal that federal court decision. 

The school district’s board will be getting legal advice on August 13 as to whether an appeal is warranted.

All this drama dates back to 2013, when the parents of a Mountain View Elementary School student objected to two other students leading a Christian prayer at a graduation ceremony.

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