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Greer High School model circa 1967

Lee Rogers
October 23, 2019 - 10:58 am

City of Greer


Article provided by the City of Greer.

City of Greer

Greenville, South Carolina, October 23, 2019 – Greer Heritage Museum has been gifted a model replica of the Greer High School, as it was during 1967, built by Dr. Raymond Meyers of Greenville, SC.

With permission from the Greenville County School Superintendent, the Greer High School Class of 1967 acquired copies of blueprints and gave them to Dr. Meyers, who constructed the model of the school, the largest model he has ever built. 

Dr. Tom McAbee, a 1967 Greer High School graduate, was instrumental in the project. Following a class reunion, McAbee and his classmates sought to create a lasting memorial of the school and learned of Meyers model making skill.

City of Greer

The project purpose was an opportunity for the class to express appreciation to those who had provided them with a high-quality education.

Dr. Meyers, a retired dentist, began making models as a young boy, a hobby he has pursued throughout his life. With achievements including a first prize in the state of Pennsylvania for a model of an incline, Meyers has built model airplanes, houses, structures, and railroads.

The Greer Heritage Museum is located at 106 S. Main St., Greer, SC 29650. Visit their website to learn more at


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