NC Fugitive Arrested

Oconee County SWAT team deployed

Lee Rogers
February 23, 2020 - 3:57 pm
The Oconee County SWAT team deployed during standoff at Timberlake One Subdivision.



The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office issued the following press release Saturday. 

(Walhalla, SC) - The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office assisted the US Marshals service earlier today with the apprehension of a fugitive from the state of North Carolina.

Sheriff Mike Crenshaw says that SWAT team members assisted the Marshals service with the apprehension of the fugitive at an address on Douglas Drive, which is in the Timberlake One subdivision near Townville and Coneross Creek. 

Douglas Aaron Holcomb

The Sheriff says that officials from Transylvania County, NC informed the Sheriff’s Office earlier this morning that the fugitive, 29 year old Douglas Aaron Holcomb, may be located in the Timberlake One subdivision.  

Sheriff Crenshaw says that the first deputies arrived on scene around 8:40am this morning and were joined by members of the Marshals service.  Deputies were informed that Holcomb was reportedly armed and had access to body armor.

Sheriff Crenshaw says that once arriving on the scene, officers attempted to make contact with Holcomb but received no response, while a command post was also set up at the Timberlake One Boat Ramp close by once a determination was made that Holcomb had barricaded himself inside of the home.  

According to Sheriff Crenshaw, a female came out of the residence just after 1:30pm this afternoon and informed deputies that Holcomb was armed.  The female was turned over to the Marshals service as attempts to reach Holcomb continued.

Sheriff Crenshaw said after the female left the residence, that gas and chemical ordinances were deployed inside of the residence in an attempt to force Holcomb out and bring a safe end to the standoff.  

Holcomb exited the residence around 4pm today and was taken into custody, according to Sheriff Crenshaw.  Holcomb will be transported to the Oconee County Detention Center where he will be served a Fugitive from Justice Warrant.  According to Sheriff Crenshaw, Holcomb will be turned over to the US Marshals service at a later time.

“The apprehension of criminals is dangerous anytime, but especially when there are reports that the subject is armed and dangerous as well as when the subject barricades himself inside of a residence or building,” says Sheriff Crenshaw.  “Our deputies with the Sheriff’s Office, especially our SWAT teams, train for this type of scenario on a regular basis.  It is our goal to bring this type of situation to a safe conclusion every time and we are thankful that the outcome was a safe one today not only for our officers but also for the suspect as well.”

Sheriff Crenshaw says that officers made sure that the general public or citizens were not in danger due to the incident.  After a search of the residence, no firearms were discovered by deputies. 

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