Pup Comes Home

After seven years, dog makes it back to family

Evan Smith
March 19, 2019 - 3:20 pm

© Bigandt | Dreamstime


Seven years ago, an upstate family’s dog disappeared.

The Scott family searched and searched for their cute little schnauzer, but the dog seemed to be gone for good, and feared dead.

They later heard that a similar looking dog had been hit by a car and killed near a convenience store.

Dejected, they grieved and moved on.

But seven years later, on just this past Monday, Bridget Scott said she got a call in the morning from the humane society.

They told her, to her disbelief, that they had found her dog.

As it turns out, the humane society had scanned the schnauzer’s microchip.

The dog, named Shelby, is reportedly doing well and was well fed, if a bit ruff around the edges – please excuse the dog pun.

The reunion was heartfelt, and now Bridget says she’s just glad to have her pup home after all this time.

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