Puppy Abuse

Anderson couple arrested

Evan Smith
May 31, 2019 - 2:25 pm

Blowing smoke into a puppy’s mouth?

A video showing just that is now leading to charges against an Anderson County couple.

Police say the investigation began after a Snapchat video showing Savannah Marie Smith blowing smoke into the 3-month-old puppy’s snout.

Upon visiting the house, officers found that the puppy also had whip and hookworms and that the dog would not have survived more than a month or two without treatment.

They also learned that Smith’s boyfriend, Dennis Browning, also had a dog with an injured paw that needed stitches, hookworms, flea infestations and what they believe is a bullet inside the dog’s body.

Still no word as to whether either of the suspects had shot the dog.

Both the suspects are 17 years old and charged with ill-treatment of animals.

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