Man Who Called Coronavirus ‘Fake Crisis’ Urges Caution After Getting Infected

Tarrah Gibbons
June 30, 2020 - 1:49 pm

A Florida man who was skeptical about the coronavirus has changed his outlook after contracting the illness.

Brian Hitchens, an Uber driver from the town of Jupiter who first believed that COVID-19 was a “fake crisis” that was “blown out of proportion,” is encouraging people to take the illness seriously after he and his wife both contracted the disease, reports WPTV, an NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach.

Hitchens initially believed that the government warned of COVID-19 to "distract" the public.

“I thought it was maybe the government trying something, and it was kind of like they threw it out there to kinda distract us,” Hitchens told the outlet.

“I'd get up in the morning and pray and trust in God for his protection, and I’d just leave it at that. There were all these masks and gloves. I thought it looks like a hysteria,” he added.

Hitchens even posted several Facebook posts downplaying the seriousness and expressing his opinion about the pandemic.

He now has a whole new outlook on the virus from his hospital bed at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, where he is a coronavirus-positive patient.

Hitchens does not want to see anyone go through what he went through. The patient recently took to social media about his experience and wants people to take this virus seriously.

“This wasn’t some scare tactic that anybody was using. It wasn’t some made-up thing. This was a real virus you gotta take seriously,” Hitchens said.

Hitchen's wife was admitted for COVID-19 at the same time as him, to the same hospital, where she is currently on a respirator.

"My wife’s on a ventilator. It’s been like that for three weeks, and it’s tough. It’s sad,” he said.

Hitchens was never put on a ventilator but started feeling stronger after he experienced terrible aches and pains. On social media, he posted that his wife is still sedated.

He now looks back and thinks he should have worn a mask in the beginning. Hitchens says he is now learning from his mistakes.

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