Rare Precinct Lines For Midterm

30 minute wait common

South Carolina Radio Network
November 06, 2018 - 10:40 am



NOVEMBER 6, 2018 BY RENEE SEXTON (South Carolina Radio Network)

A rare occasion for a midterm election: voters have to wait at South Carolina polling stations.

Usually during midterm elections and non-Presidential elections, voting is an in-and-out affair in may polling stations throughout South Carolina.  And with record absentee balloting in South Carolina, personal turnout remains high at the polls.

“I think turnout is reasonably good,” said one voter at a polling station in West Columbia Tuesday morning, where the wait was about 30 minutes. “It’s the highest I’ve ever seen here. In fact, I think the line is about a half-hour.”

100 people had voted by 8 a.m. at the polling station at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in West Columbia.

“I think based on past polls where we’ve seen very low voter turnout that this is an extremely good turnout,” said Ally Bowen, a voter who has lived her entire life in the neighborhood. “Great, steady flow since 7:00 this morning.”

Bowen said it’s important to vote.

“As an American it is a freedom that we all should exercise and I know that my voice matters even with my one vote,” she said.

One voter suspected that local concerns among the school district may have inspired voters here to go to the polls to elect school board members more so than interest in national races.

“In South Carolina I’m not so sure that the national passion translates to South Carolina,” he said. “South Carolina, I think traditionally, has been a more conservative state than some of the other places where there are big issues. But I could be wrong.”

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