Record Number Of Jobs

Available in South Carolina

March 12, 2018 - 3:53 pm

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce says state employers are offering a record number of jobs.

In its most recent unemployment report, the DEW says South Carolina has 2,113,000 jobs. That’s up more than 3,000 jobs from the previous month.

“We are seeing our business payrolls continue to increase and that means they are adding jobs and where we’re at, a record level of over 2,113,000 jobs in the state of South Carolina now,” said DEW Director of Communications Bob Bouyea.

“A lot of its manufacturing,” he said. “Manufacturing saw increases. So did the trades and transportation and utility sector. Those were the two largest areas that had job growth.”

Bouyea said the auto industry is the source of those manufacturing jobs. BMW is expanding its upstate operations, Volvo has started hiring for its Lowcountry plant and their parts suppliers are expanding.

“With those announcements comes the need for labor,” said Bouyea. “That’s the state’s number one resource.”

“We’re filling jobs down in the Lowcountry,” he said. “You look down there and you have Volvo. They’re in the midst of their hiring. They’re bringing on thousands of workers. Also, the upstate has sort of been the hub of manufacturing.”

The numbers released Monday are for January 2018. The state’s unemployment rate is 4.3 percent, up from 4.2 in December.  The national rate is 4.1 percent.

“A lot of the jobs that we are placing currently had been announced some time ago, like Volvo,” Bouyea said. “We knew they were coming for some time. They had to come here and they had to build their facilities. They had to break from the ground up. They start hiring so they could start producing.”

DEW says in January, 61,100 jobs were available in South Carolina.

“We’re up and down,” Bouyea said, trying to put that number into perspective. “We’ve been in that range for a while now. Since the economy turned around we certainly saw the number of job openings increase.”

In 2011, 43,631 jobs were available in the state, according to Bouyea. That number was 72,663 in 2015.

“Businesses continue to add jobs at a record pace. People are finding jobs and others are entering the labor force to take advantage of the state’s robust economy, all of which are cause for celebration. With more than 61,000 jobs available across the state, DEW is preparing our residents, including those with barriers to employment, to be able to succeed in those jobs,” said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of DEW.

The number of people working increased by 463 to 2,221,308, while the number of unemployed people increased by 2,299 to 100,178. The state’s labor force increased by 2,762 to 2,321,486 people.

Since January 2017, the labor force has grown by 18,281 people, and employment gains totaled 21,773. The level of unemployed people decreased by 3,492.

“We’re in a really good time in South Carolina,” Bouyea said. “We are seeing our companies here just add jobs. Our job is to help them find their next worker.”

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MARCH 12, 2018 BY RENEE SEXTON (South Carolina Radio Network

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