Restaurant Week: Breakfast

Bex Cafe and Juice Bar

Evan Smith
August 12, 2019 - 4:38 pm

Evan Smith


A part of our series highlighting local eateries for Restaurant Week

Becky Simon used to be really into health and fitness.

Well, she still is.

“But you know, work’s gotten in the way,” Simon said with a laugh.

You have to forgive Simon if she hasn’t been as rigorous about every aspect of physical fitness lately, given the fact that she’s been running Bex Café & Juice Bar for the past four years. Tucked on the corner of Wardlaw Street and Main Street in the West End of downtown Greenville, the popular breakfast and lunch eatery has seen slow but steady growth since it opened.

In that way, it reflects the West End itself over the past half-decade.

As more and more apartment complexes rise upward into the Greenville skyline, the West End is fast becoming just as happenin' as the rest of downtown.

Bex is playing its own small part in that. The café and juice shop offers a selection of protein-rich smoothies, fresh juice, sandwiches, burritos, and of course coffee. The most popular smoothie option is the Unconventional Smoothie, which has milk, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, and protein powder. Expect to see it chugged down as a meal replacement by the post-workout crowd milling around the West End in yoga pants and Lululemon shorts.

Those less health conscious should go for the surprisingly hearty breakfast burrito, which will keep you full until lunch for only about $3 – fast food prices but without that greasy gut feeling you’d expect following, say, a morning trip to McDonald’s.

“At first, things were a little slow here, just because we were kind of down here in the West End,” Simon said. “But now a lot of things are growing this way. It’s brought so much more business here.”

This summer, for instance, has been Bex’s best yet. And that growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Evan Smith

Just down the street, toward Fluor Field, The Whale taproom and bottle shop has recently opened its doors, a hip Asheville-import that features some of the best selection of craft beer around.

Turn around in the other direction, however, and you’ll find yet another Asheville-import fresh on the block: Old Europe Pastries, with its colorful frosting-coated creations gleaming in the light of the display case, like small Christmas presents.

With all these new locales, the West End is becoming one of the more hip parts of downtown, and doing so at an increasingly rapid pace.

 “I think things will only keep growing," Simon said. "We’ve gotten a really good establishment, a lot of regulars, so I think that will help us continue forward and we’ll stick around for a little bit.”

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