85-385 Gateway construction

Road Projects Behind Schedule

Both the Gateway Project and 85 Widening

March 02, 2019 - 3:00 pm

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says that both major road construction projects in the Upstate are behind schedule. 

The 85/385 Gateway Project was supposed to be completed in April.  It’s now been pushed to January of 2020.  That’s 9 more months of road construction.

The I-85 Widening Project through Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties, expected to take 4 years to complete, is about a year behind schedule and won’t be finished until July of 2021.  It’s about 20% complete now.

S.C. Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jim Feda says the contractor inthe Gateway Project was given a 240 day extension due to a lot of impacts beyond their control -- a wetlands permit appeal, the replacement of the bridge on 385 over Garlington Road that was not part of the original project, hurricanes Matthew and Irma, a presidential visit and the eclipse, which caused work to stop for several days due to the influx of people and traffic control.

Cost for the Gateway Project is approximately $242 million, while the I-85 Widening Project is the second most expensive roadway project in South Carolina at approximately $436 million.  The most expensive is the Cooper River Bridge Replacement Project at $675.2 million.  That bridge connects the cities of Charleston and Mount Pleasant.  Feda says that upcoming work on I-26 could have figures that eclipse both of those projects. 

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