Safe Harbor Announces "I Am" Campaign

Submissions Open Now

Emily Gill
August 16, 2019 - 12:00 pm

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Safe Harbor recently announced the "I Am" Campaign, an opportunity for people who have experienced domestic violence and abuse to express themselves.

Spokesperson Ana Castellanos said the campaign was inspired by a volunteer group called the Voices of Vision Ambassadors, which is for people who have survived domestic violence and abuse.

"They were saying 'I don't like the term victim; I don't like the term survivor.  It doesn't really encompass who I am," Castellanos said.

The "I Am" campaign launched to allow people to define themselves in their own words.

"We want to give people a platform.  We want to elevate survivor voices and let them define themselves instead of the terms victim and survivor," Castellanos said.

While most submissions have been written, Castellanos said any type of submission is welcome.

Current submissions and the new submission plaform are available here

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