S.C. GOP Presents Certified Candidates

To election commission

South Carolina Radio Network
August 15, 2018 - 12:04 pm

Governor Henry McMaster and his running mate Pamela Evette accompanied state Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick as he presented the party’s certified candidates to the South Carolina Election Commission Wednesday.

This is the first election in which the governor and lieutenant run on the same ticket.

“We’ve just certified our entire statewide Republican ticket and we’ll be getting ready to kick off our statewide victory effort now which is an integrated campaign working to elect everybody from the statewide constitutional officers down to the county council level,” said McKissick. “And for the first time now we have a certified joint ticket governor-lieutenant governor.”

“This is a historic day in South Carolina,” said McMaster. “This discussion of having the governor and lieutenant governor run as a team has been a goal of the political parties as well as the citizens for a long time.”

McMaster said it’s time for the offices to be united.

“Governor Edwards had a Democrat lieutenant governor, Governor Campbell had a Democrat lieutenant governor, Governor Hodges had a Republican lieutenant governor so it’s time,” he said. “Not only will we have two Republicans, governor and lieutenant governor working together but they’ll actually run as a team and we intend to work as a team — a full team for the people of South Carolina.”

If McMaster wins, Evette will be South Carolina’s first female Republican lieutenant governor.  Democrat Nancy Stevenson, served as South Carolina lieutenant governor from 1979-1983.

McKissick says the party will be working hard until Election Day.

“We’re not taking anything for granted,” he said. “No stones unturned. So we’re going to have a integrated campaign effort doing everything we can to get every Republican voter out to the polls this November. We do that and we’ll win.”

South Carolina Representative James Smith (D – Richland) is the Democratic candidate for Governor. Representative Mandy Powers Norrell (D – Lancaster) is his running mate.

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