S.C. Lawmaker Offers Bill For Survivors

Closing loopholes in state law

Patrick Gentry
February 05, 2019 - 12:21 pm

A South Carolina lawmaker says she hopes legislation she's introduced will close loopholes in the state's laws that hinder prosecution of sexual assault crimes.

Former Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Mandy Powers Norrell has filed bills in the House to establish a ``Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights,'' create a new crime of rape by fraud and would reclassify so-called date rape drugs as Schedule II drugs which she said would decrease the chances of trafficking and distribution.

The Lancaster attorney said the bills were written to encourage survivors to come forward while fixing a crack in state's legal system. Powers Norrell said she hopes lawmakers make it a priority this year.

The bills have already gained bipartisan support in the House.

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